All Hail the Crown Personnel


    Legend: UNDERLINED = Member of All Hail the Crown. ALL CAPS = Past bandmate who has collaborated with at least two All Hail the Crown members

  • 1980-1988: KEVIN WOOD, ANDREW WOOD* and REGAN HAGAR are Malfunkshun

  • 1987: ANDREW and REGAN begin playing with STONE GOSSARD, Jeff Ament and Bruce Fairweather of Green River in Lords of the Wasteland

  • 1988: Lords of the Wasteland replace REGAN with drummer Greg Gilmore to form Mother Love Bone.

  • 1990: After ANDREW passes away, STONE and Jeff join with Mike McCready, Eddie Vedder and Dave Krusen to create Pearl Jam. KEVIN WOOD, brother BRIAN WOOD, Chad Channing (formerly of Nirvana), and Dan McDonald band together to form Fire Ants.

  • 1991: REGAN teams up with SHAWN SMITH to form Bliss, which would later become Satchel. Meanwhile, STONE, Jeff and Mike of Pearl Jam join forces with Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron of Soundgarden to record an album in trbute to ANDREW. Eddie Vedder provides backing vocals. One report puts SHAWN on the scene.

  • 1992: Brad is formed when REGAN and STONE reunite, along with SHAWN and Jeremy Toback. REGAN and STONE found Loosegroove Records (a subsidiary of Sony), which releases the Brad album. SHAWN'S collaboration with Steve Fisk, Pigeonhed, yields a few remixes for a Brad song.

  • 1993: Matt Cameron and Ben Shephard of Soundgarden play with BRIAN WOOD, John McBain of Monster Magnet and John Waterman to form Hater. Pigeonhed's debut album is released.

  • 1994: Bringing together members of Fire Ants and Hater, BRIAN WOOD, John McBain and John Waterman connect with KEVIN to create Devilhead. Their album is released on REGAN and STONE'S label, Loosegroove, with REGAN handling album art. In other Loosegroove news, Critters Buggin issues their Guest album, featuring production from STONE. SHAWN makes a guest appearance on each the Devilhead and Critters Buggin albums. SHAWN and REGAN also release Satchel's debut album, along with COREY KANE and John Hoag.

  • 1995: Malfunkshun sees a proper release when Loosegroove compiles an album's worth of music.

  • 1996: Satchel releases its follow-up album, featuring production by STONE GOSSARD and Mike Berg on bass. Devilhead also releases its second album, again on the Loosegroove label. REGAN again handles artwork. This time around, Satchel's COREY KANE is the bass player for the band. Over on Bainbridge Island, MIKE HOMMEL and ROB DAY record the demo for Dark Dead Mind, which features guitar work on one track by KEVIN.

  • 1997: Brad releases its follow up album, featuring an appearance on guitar by STONE'S colleague in Pearl Jam, Mike McCready. Satchel disbands; Mike Berg joins Brad on the road. Pigeonhed releases its second album, which includes REGAN on drums for one song. MIKE and ROB's Dark Dead Mind releases its official album.

  • 1999: MIKE begins recording an EP with Crushcoat, featuring vocals by Nathaniel Breed. SHAWN releases his first solo album.

  • 2000: ROB's group, Blackgoat, featuring fellow Dark Dead Mind member Steve Vidano, releases its debut album. SHAWN follows up his first solo album with a live record.

  • 2001: Pigeonhed releases an EP and disbands.

  • 2002: Brad releases its third album. Crushcoat issues its debut album.

  • 2003: SHAWN unveils his second solo record. MIKE'S group, Francis Nash releases its debut album. Brad records its fourth studio album, which is shelved indefinitely.

  • 2005: REGAN'S The Establishment Store label issues Brad vs Satchel, a compilation bringing together unreleased, and sometimes unfinished, recordings from both bands. The label also reissues SHAWN'S back catalog. SHAWN appears on the debut album by Novatone, a band featuring CODY DAVIS, Ty Willman and Dave Krusen (Ty had previously contributed to KEVIN'S Devilhead project and Dave had worked with STONE in Pearl Jam).

  • 2006: From the North is founded when KEVIN, SHAWN, REGAN HAGAR and COREY KANE bring life to ANDREW WOOD'S lyrics.

  • 2007: From the North issues its debut EP and album. CODY DAVIS joins the group as the touring bassist. Later, REGAN leaves the band and is replaced by MIKE. Shortly thereafter, DAVIS is replaced by ROB. The ALL HAIL THE CROWN lineup has been formed and quickly begins recording new material! SHAWN releases his third album (recorded in 2006) digitally and begins an onslaught that would last through 2010 of releasing loose tracks and demos digitally. Brad regroups and plays shows in Seattle and New York. KEVIN joins Brad for these shows and hits the studio with the band to track some guitars. Meanwhile, MIKE brings together members of Crushcoat and Francis Nash to form Monsters of the Deep; an EP is recorded and includes guest vocals by SHAWN. KEVIN and SHAWN play live shows together as Power of Wings.

  • 2008: ALL HAIL THE CROWN becomes the official name of the band. SHAWN'S entire back catalog gets re-released on cd.

  • 2009: STONE remixes and remasters the From the North album. SHAWN, REGAN and John Hoag reunite as Satchel and begin writing/recording new music.

  • 2010: From the North's album receives a proper retail release under the name Kevin Wood & From the North. SHAWN, REGAN and STONE reunite as Brad, hitting the studio to put the finishing touches on their shelved fourth album. The band ultimately releases the long awaited album on Pearl Jam's Monkeywrench Records label. SHAWN and Steve Fisk reunite as Pigeonhed. Satchel releases its first album since 1996. Monsters of the Deep record their second EP. On April 14, the entire Collective pulls off a massive show at Seattle's famed Showbox at the Market, where several key members of the Collective pull multiple duties in the different bands. On the bill:
    • 1. STONE GOSSARD'S Hank Khoir, which included SHAWN on vocals and REGAN on drums.
    • 2. Satchel with SHAWN, REGAN, John Hoag and Jeremy Lightfoot.
    • 3. Pigeonhed with SHAWN and Steve Fisk.
    • 4. Brad with SHAWN, REGAN, STONE and Keith Lowe.
    • 5. Malfunkshun with KEVIN, SHAWN, REGAN, John Hoag and Jeremy Lightfoot.
    • 6. Mother Love Bone with SHAWN, STONE, Jeff Ament, Bruce Fairweather and Greg Gilmore.
    • 7. SHAWN returned to the stage alone to perform one final song.
  • On June 25, the film, Malfunkshun: The Andy Wood Story was screened at Hard Rock Cafe, Seattle. The screening also featured performances by All Hail the Crown and Malfunkshun. KEVIN and ROB played both sets.

  • 2011: All Hail the Crown's debut album is set to be released! Kevin Wood & From the North continue touring, and KEVIN has also begun re-recording Malfunkshun songs with current From the North vocalist, Jeff Loftis. REGAN designed the packaging for Pearl Jam's Live on Ten Legs.

*Shawn Smith worked with Mother Love Bone in the studio on an unreleased demo, but also collabortated with Andrew posthumously in From the North when Shawn brought life to Andrew's words.

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