All Hail the Crown Personnel

In 2006, Kevin Wood and Regan Hagar, equipped with piles of Andrew Wood's lyrics, felt it was time to carry the Malfunkshun legacy forward. They wrote original music to pair with Andrew's words and recruited Corey Kane (Satchel, Devilhead) on bass and Shawn Smith to handle vocals. After a couple of personnel changes in Fall 2007, the band settled in with Mike Hommel and Rob Day on drums and bass, respectively. It was only a matter of weeks before this potent lineup began working on original compositions.

Because From the North was built around the very specific concept of bringing Andrew's lyrics to life, the band felt it needed a new name for the new project. Then, it night at a show, a fan told the band that they were "Seattle rock royalty." All Hail the Crown was born.

Shawn Smith: Vocals
One of the most critically acclaimed and unique talents in the music industry, Mojo Magazine hails him as one of the hundred greatest vocalists of all time. Shawn is extremely prolific, constantly recording and releasing music with any number of his projects, which include: Brad (with Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, Satchel (with Regan Hagar of Malfunkshun), Pigeonhed with the legendary Steve Fisk), as well as his own solo career and other projects! Additional information at The Official Website of Shawn Smith

Kevin Wood: Guitars
A relentless, guitar shredding wizard, Kevin was a founding member of Seattle gods Malfunkshun, along with his brother Andrew (Mother Love Bone). He later went on to form Fire Ants with Nirvana's Chad Channing and Devilhead. Both bands featured Wood brother Brian. Kevin continues to tour with Kevin Wood & From the North and, after recruiting Jeff Loftis to sing, has also recorded at least two beautiful new arrangements of Malfunkshun tunes! Check them out here: Until the Ocean and Jezebel Woman. More information on From the North and other projects at Wammybox Records

Rob Day: Bass
Rob has a been a Metal mainstay in Seattle since the mid 90's, forming Dark Dead Mind in 1996 with Crown's own drummer, Mike Hommel. Rob has also played with BlackGoat and made appearances with Malfunkshun on the live circuit.

Mike Hommel: Drums
Mike is an absolute beast on the drums, earning him a reputation as one of the best in the Northwest! In addition to Dark Dead Mind with Rob, Mike has founded seminal bands Crushcoat (with Nathaniel Breed) and Francis Nash (with Minor Moriarty and Pat Gray). Mike would eventually meld the two distinctively different Crushcoat and Francis Nash together to form the incredible Monsters of the Deep!
Additional information at Monsters of the Deep's Myspace

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